A downloadable game for Windows

Two space generals must resolve their fight for leadership in the only honorable way. By sending their champions – genetic modified hamsters to fight on the forsaken toxic planet. The problem is that intoxicated warriors confuse generals' orders. The controller scheme is constantly changing and you have to find the right buttons before fluffy death finds you.


Player One - Q, W, E, A, S, D, Z, X, C
Player Two - NumPad 1 - 9
Find out what they do and don't get used to it...

Krzysztof Heldt - lead programmer

Michał Antkiewicz - programmer

Adam Pawelski - stuff

Marek Derkowski - lead 3d artist

Weronika Okoń - 3d artist and pixel posters

Daniel Kończyk - art director


ForgotHowToHamster.rar 128 MB
ForgotHowToHamsterBugFix.rar 128 MB